JL G was established in 2013 by Gazelle with a vision to create beautiful ballet-inspired garments for the every day. First with ballet dancewear at the studio.

Each garment is carefully handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and designed in 3D to create optimal lines for the dancer in the most sustainable way.


I discovered ballet quite late in life.

It wasn't until I graduated University and fell in love with the technical aspect and artistry of ballet. There was something about refining ballet technique through the physical body that kept me fascinated. Like sculpting a sculpture, ballet felt like sculpting the physical body through motion.

I received my bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Visual Arts. During my studies, I fell in love with different art forms and became deeply fascinated by women's studies and foreign culture. Through JL G, I am interested in re-defining the classical image of a ballerina to reflect the beauty and strength of the modern-day women. She is evolved and embracing in the power of her femininity and does not let the the limits and standards of society define her. 

Prior to JL G, I had worked in luxury retail for apparel, at an art gallery, in the costume department in the film industry and a number of different settings both overseas and domestically. 

I hope the range of my experiences will add layers of sophistication to the design and functionality of the garment that is felt once worn. Merging my passions and inspiration from daily life, I hope to create upscale ballet attire that will make every dancer of all ages and colour feel inclusive and beautiful wearing JL G.

As I had started ballet later in life, I hope every dancer of any age would have the courage to begin and start something they love. 

In 2020, I completed a Technical Apparel Design Diploma with my final project focused on bust-support for ballet leotards.