Empowering women to embody beauty, freedom and sensuality. A luxurious clothing line for the free-spirited, romantic woman within.
To the women who embraces her femininity and strives to be her very best. Gazelle hopes to inspire women to live Life fully through JL G.
Each garment is hand crafted with utmost care and sustainably designed to eliminate excess waste, time and carbon footprint.
This is done by having all designs made in-house through 3D design. All scrap materials are recycled.
For Gazelle, life is best when she has the freedom to express herself.
She is deeply inspired by her love for ballet, her travels, foreign culture and her passion in creating beauty.

Gazelle wishes to inspire women to feel empowered, dancing through Life with beauty, elegance, grace and poise in JL G designs.


I'm Gazelle and I make and design your leotards. 

I started JL G in 2013, about the same time I discovered
ballet and fell in love. It wasn't until late 2017 when I launched to public. I've always loved clothing as a way to express myself and
the way I feel. If you met me in person, I may come across as quiet, but clothing was
always a form of expression for me.

In this same way, I hope to design clothing that will leave women feeling empowered.
Allowing the garment to compliment the beauty ballet brings to the dancer and all its elegance.